As Fly By Night NYC, Harrington concepts, designs and creates every unique piece by hand. She often cites her influences as Jane Austin, Florence Welch and dreamy English forests. Harrington champions and upholds a no waste policy, ensuring every scrap and thread fulfills its original purpose.

She sources her fabrics from near and far, far and wide. Her fabrics to date, have been sourced from famous movie sets, to vintage shops and deadstock designer collections. Harrington describes her fabric sourcing as a kind of treasure hunt – and relishes the adventure. Whether it’s whisking away fabrics that appeared in The Irishman to become puff-sleeved blouses, or repurposing vintage café curtains into the sweetest camis, every piece of fabric is accounted for.

Harrington handmakes every single piece, where she currently lives and works, the neighbourhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.