For Fly By Night NYC to be fully sustainable it has meant I’ve had to break a few of the fashion fundamentals.

Every piece of vintage and deadstock fabric is rescued from the most unexpected places, so it’s simply not practical to follow the big brand trend of ‘seasonal collections’.

Instead, at Fly By Night NYC, I like to create mini collections. Based on the actual kinds of fabrics I find, where they are to be sold, and where they are from. ‘A collection’ typically varies from 10-15 pieces.

This collection was handmade using dupioni silk from a handful of legendary London film studios. Where possible, I try to reflect each fabric’s origin story in the accompanying label, so you can be sure that each Fly By Night piece is entirely unique, right down to the hand-written notes.

For information on forthcoming collections, wholesale and PR opportunities, please do reach out. 

Fabric: “Movie Set Deadstock”
Photographer: Todd Schmiedlin
Model: Phoebe M
Hair: Amy Bradbury from Kennaland, NY
Make up: Ivey Ray 
Stylist: Clotilde Testa