Sustainable, handmade creations by Laura Harrington
in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.



Historically, the fashion industry disposes of unused or surplus fabrics by sending them to be incinerated, or worse, to landfill sites.

From day one, I decided that if there was to be another fashion brand in the world, then every FlyByNight piece should put sustainability and sensitivities first.

Working with vintage and dead-stock designer fabrics that can be in short-supply, has become an integral part of my design process, often determining the final look and style of each piece.

Fabrics rescued in larger quantities are given a new lease of life as FlyByNight dresses & FlyByNight blouses.

FlyByNight Original: “Silk Wrap”
Fabric: “Deadstock Designer Fabric from FabScrap”
Photographer: “Shervin Lainez” 
Talent: “Regina Spektor”
Stylist: “Ren With The Mane”


Smaller off-cuts and leftovers are reimagined into headbands, or as I like to call them ‘Blouse Crowns’ and more recently, pocket squares.

Anything else is recycled into wall-insulation for housing projects, so not a scrap goes to waste.

FlyByNight Original: “Silk Cream Blouse Crown”
Photographer: “Moi” 
Stylist: “Disco Ball”


For FlyByNight to be fully sustainable it has meant I’ve had to break a few of the fashion fundamentals.

Every piece of vintage and deadstock fabric is rescued from the most unexpected places, so it’s simply not practical to follow the big brand trend of ‘seasonal collections’.

Instead, at FlyByNight, I like to create mini collections. Based on the fabrics I find, and what inspires me at the time ‘a collection’ can vary from 10-15 pieces.

This collection was handmade using dupioni silk from a handful of London film studios. Where possible, I try to reflect the story in the accompanying label, so you can be sure that each FlyByNight piece is entirely unique.

For information on forthcoming collections, and PR opportunities, please do reach out. 

Fabric: “Movie Set Deadstock”
Photographer: Todd Schmiedlin
Model: Phoebe M
Hair: Amy Bradbury from Kennaland, NY
Make up: Ivey Ray 
Stylist: Clotilde Testa


If you would like to see a FlyByNight in the cloth, you can find them at one of the wonderful stockists below. Alternatively, If you would like to stock FlyByNight yourself, please do get in touch.---

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210 S Mill Rd Suite 103,
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Three Turtle Doves

62B Tinker Street, 
Woodstock, Upstate NY, 12498

Theory Of Gaia

174 Ludlow St, New York

Trilogy Consignment

54 Main Street, Tarrytown, New York

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FlyByNight Original: “Silk Cream Wrap” 
Photographer: “Sam Sulam”
Stylist: “Sarah-Waites Turner”
Makeup & Hair: “Andrea DiSabatino”  
Model: “Magdalena May”


Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to have my work featured online and in magazines, it makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop.

If you would like to feature FlyByNight or want to discuss productions, shoots and event logistics, I’m all ears.



“Sustainable Swimwear”,
July 2019.

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Photographer: Andrew White
Stylist: Sam Bates




“This Sustainable Label Creates Clothes From Movie Set Cast-offs”, July 2019.

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